Skater XL Patch is here.

What is new in Skater XL update 1.05 patch notes? (Updated)

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC:

  • Fixed hover foot bug when riding /returning foot from pushing
  • Fixed falling animation bug
  • Fixed grind max angle bug
  • Fixed bug preventing challenges from being done in Goofy stance
  • Gameplay performance improvements
  • Scene fixes including grindables
  • Fixed misspelled challenges
  • Trick detection improvements
  • Fixed no wheel sound in replay bug
  • Replay height change more responsive

PlayStation 4 specific:

  • Fixed replay saving and character load bug
  • Menu browsing performance improvements

PC specific:

  • Fixed bug causing some users to experience black or white light flare screen

Download free Skater XL version 1.05 on PlaySation 4.